WARF announces annual grant for university research

WARF announces annual grant for university research

Base grant, supplemental grants and operational and functional support total $130.0 million

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation today announced its annual support to the University of Wisconsin-Madison research enterprise for the academic year ending in 2023. The amount totals $130.0 million across all grant categories and programs.

Continuing a tradition that dates to the 1930s, the WARF Board of Trustees once again approved a base grant in response to a formal request from UW-Madison’s Office of Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE). The base grant, supporting research during the current fall and upcoming spring and summer semesters, is $66.1 million, a 4% increase over the same amount last year.

In addition, WARF announced supplemental grants to UW-Madison valued at $21.7 million plus another $36.2 million provided to the university in the form of operational and functional support. A grant of $6 million to the Morgridge Institute for Research rounds out the $130.0 million total.

“Announcing our annual grant is the highlight of our year,” says WARF CEO Erik Iverson. “Our mission is to enable UW-Madison research to solve the world’s problems, and nothing serves that historic mission more fully than supporting outstanding researchers all across campus.”

“On behalf of the WARF trustees, we are happy to continue the decades-long relationship between WARF and our alma mater,” says Dr. James Berbee, chair of the WARF Board of Trustees. “We look forward to seeing the breakthroughs that UW-Madison research will produce in the years to come.”

As it has in past years, WARF’s base grant covers a broad range of research-related programs, including $13.5 million for faculty recruitment and retention, $2.5 million for faculty fellowships and $12 million for graduate student support.

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