WisBusiness: Nano RED wins 2021 Pressure Chamber

WisBusiness: Nano RED wins 2021 Pressure Chamber

A startup called Nano RED has won the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s Pressure Chamber contest, which gives early-stage companies a chance to pitch to a live audience.

Nano RED is developing precision medicine platforms for the treatment of respiratory viral illnesses, including COVID-19, as well as drug delivery for cancer immunotherapy. The company beat out four other finalists, two of which also operate in the health care space.

The business got its start in 2015 when a graduate student and postdoctoral fellows from UW-Milwaukee, the Blood Research Institute and the Medical College of Wisconsin came together in hopes of improving how cancer is treated. The company pivoted to add a focus on treating COVID-19 after co-founder Dr. Johnathan Ebben saw the impact of the virus first-hand while working in the intensive care unit.

Nano RED has since received a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research award from the National Science Foundation for this work.

Read more on Nano RED here: http://www.nanoredbiotech.com/