WiscNet making a strong first impression

WiscNet making a strong first impression

The lobby or reception area is the first thing visitors see when they visit your office. It’s that first impression they’ll remember. So make sure your lobby is setting the right tone for your business.


First impressions mean a lot. Simply walking into someone’s office gives you a sense of the person or their business. Is this organization well-organized, creative or practical? Is the work environment quiet and sedate or energetic?

The lobby or reception area is the first (and sometimes only) area of a business a visitor is likely to see, so that’s where the first impression is going to be made. It’s an opportunity to introduce your corporate brand.

It sets a tone for what you represent as a business, and that’s important. It’s so important that simply splashing on a new coat of paint may not be enough.

A good designer will see a variety of options such as opening up the space by removing a wall or a dropped ceiling. Larger windows would provide more natural light. Accent lighting from a variety of angles may be another element.

The designer considers every surface – walls, floors, ceilings – and understands how materials make a statement. Repurposed wood or brick gives a sense of sustainability. A vertical garden (aka living wall) shows a connection to nature, or accent lighting of the space can add an impactful element of design.

The space should be designed with a holistic perspective. At Strang, our design team looks at how all the elements work together and will even suggest artwork, furniture and interior accents to add style.

Sometimes updating your entry space is just what you need. After all, it’s that first impression that stays with people the longest.

– Reposted from Strang