Wisconsin’s beloved mascot returns to the streets of Madison in a big way

From left, Baller Bucky, Flamingo Bucky, and Bucky Come se Picasso.

From left, Baller Bucky, Flamingo Bucky, and Bucky Come se Picasso.

Five years ago, Bucky the Badger took on a multitude of forms and found himself spread across the streets of Madison for the public art project Bucky on Parade.

“Game Day Bucky,” “Baller Bucky,” “Bucky de los Muertos” and more versions popped up across the city for everyone to enjoy.

This year, Destination Madison rejuvenated the program for a limited time on its five-year anniversary, introducing a digital, mobile-friendly pass and online map that Bucky fans can use through Sept. 15. The app requires a free sign-up, accessible through Destination Madison’s website.

“When we launched Bucky on Parade five years ago, the response from residents and visitors alike was incredible, even better than we had anticipated,” said Kate Dale, Destination Madison’s vice president of Marketing & Brand Strategy. “It proved to be a great way for people to explore Madison and come together through their love for Bucky Badger and Madison exploration, as well as offer an opportunity to raise money for local charities.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the project for people to find many of the statues using a new digital passport platform and hope it brings just as must joy as the first time around.”

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