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Exact Sciences

UPDATE: New $60 million corporate headquarters is proposed for Exact Sciences

With major expansion projects already underway at several of its Madison-area sites, Exact Sciences Corp. is also in line for a new corporate headquarters at University Research Park that could add 200 to 440 new jobs there over the coming years. Aaron Olver, director of University Research Park, said the organization proposes to build a […]

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Cellular Dynamics

Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics says it will make brain cells that can boost research on Alzheimer’s

A Madison stem cell company plans to manufacture specialized brain cells that it says could help researchers create a path toward better drugs to treat Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics Inc. has signed an agreement with the University of California-Irvine for an exclusive license to a patent for creating microglia cells, a […]

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A key to Madison’s co-working spaces

Before co-working spaces there were coffee shops. Popular among college students, freelancers and other members of the gig economy escaping the isolation and distraction of working from home, these “third spaces” were — and still are — great places to throw on your headphones and get some work done. But what if you need to make a few phone […]

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Exact Sciences stock swells on revised guidelines for colorectal cancer screening

Exact Sciences stock jumped as much as 13 percent on Wednesday after the American Cancer Society said people should be screened for colorectal cancer at age 45, lowering its guidelines from the current recommended age of 50. Exact, of Madison, makes Cologuard, a stool test for colorectal cancer. More than 1.1 million people have used […]

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AmebaGone uses benign organisms to attack pathogens in production crops

Protecting production crops against bacterial invasion is an eternal struggle for agriculture. Antibiotics can’t address everything that poses a threat, and many pathogens have evolved to become resistant to antibiotics. Novel ways to address bacterial pathogens must be developed to keep crops safe and available for consumption. In 2010, a group of five people had […]

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Invenra Partners with Exelixis to Develop New Antibody Cancer Drugs

Invenra, a URP tenant / biotech startup that develops therapeutic antibodies for pharma companies, is joining forces with a Bay Area company to discover and develop new treatments for cancer. Under the agreement, Exelixis will pay Invenra $2 million upfront, plus an additional $2 million at the outset of each new discovery project, the company […]

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